>Ubik the frog_2017

Mdf, ceiling fan motor, limiter, spray paint, digital print
100 x 100 x 35 cm *This work spins clockwise*

This work's name comes from the Philip K. Dick novel Ubik. I was interested in making art about memes and the concept that a piece of content could become so popular that it would destroy the platform hosting it.

*This work spins clockwise* - I used the motor from a ceiling fan, with a limiter to adjust the speed.

Shown as part of; Good Good, Double Good, Lewisham Art House, London (UK)_2017

Excerpt from Good Good, Double Good’s text by Alexa Chung aka @chardonnie; “This morning I learnt that if you chew gum whilst chopping onions you won’t cry, and that if I submerge my iPhone in a bag of chickpeas it will charge faster. I learnt that with just 15 easy steps I can overcome my overproduction of earwax, and that when I was 17 years old I shared an 87% facial resemblance to Brad Pitt. I watched as a Cane Toad smoked a joint and an American middle-school choir sung of ‘Whips’ and ‘Nae Naes’. I read an article on Quora that said Gustav Klimt used cat urine as his favourite fixative, that half a millilitre of water is needed for every single Google search, and that central heating makes you fat. I saw on Twitter that VICE have published an interview with Nathan Oakley, Flat Earther. And that Vince Cable is convinced Brexit will never happen. I monitored a LoL vs DotA forum and am convinced that Noxus, Bloodthirsty Goat Herder of Freljord was actually Shia Labeouf. And in less than five minutes I saw Alex Jones sing of ‘Literal vampire potbelly goblins hobbling round after us”, a montage of inspirational Gordon Ramsey mood-boards, and scientific proof that Australia doesn’t even exist.”