Lewis Henderson
b. 1993, London, England

Good Good, Double Good, Lewisham Art House, London (UK)_2017
20.07.17 - 23.07.17 (More photographs below)

An exhibition of new works by; Felix Treadwell, Lewis Henderson, Charles Verni, Xenia Bond, Rosie Kennedy, Jack Jubb & Jack Bodimeade.

This morning I learnt that if you chew gum whilst chopping onions you won’t cry, and that if I submerge my iPhone in a bag of chickpeas it will charge faster. I learnt that with just 15 easy steps I can overcome my overproduction of earwax, and that when I was 17 years old I shared an 87% facial resemblance to Brad Pitt. I watched as a Cane Toad smoked a joint and an American middle-school choir sung of ‘Whips’ and ‘Nae Naes’. I read an article on Quora that said Gustav Klimt used cat urine as his favourite fixative, that half a millilitre of water is needed for every single Google search, and that central heating makes you fat. I saw on Twitter that VICE have published an interview with Nathan Oakley, Flat Earther. And that Vince Cable is convinced Brexit will never happen. I monitored a LoL vs DotA forum and am convinced that Noxus, Bloodthirsty Goat Herder of Freljord was actually Shia Labeouf. And in less than five minutes I saw Alex Jones sing of ‘Literal vampire potbelly goblins hobbling round after us”, a montage of inspirational Gordon Ramsey mood-boards, and scientific proof that Australia doesn’t even exist.

In the afternoon, I followed Jacob Rees-Mogg on Instagram and finally synched my Apple Watch with my new colostomy bag. I learnt how similar Erdoğan’s facial expressions were to that of Sméagol and how Umberto Eco liked lists ‘the same way people like football or paedophilia.’ I was told that soon enough there would be an AGI of Things that will remove the need for human beings to work, that Tilda Swinton and Wes Anderson are in fact twins, and that Van Gogh’s ear was actually sliced off by Jeanne Calment, the longest living human ever documented. I argued on Reddit about the cultural significance of the dab and watched a YouTube playlist of the Vengaboys’ Greatest Hits. I inspected a US-Army, Unclassified ‘Terrorist, Insurgent & Militant Group Logo Recognition Guide’ and perused UberEats for close to an hour for Vietnamese food. Whilst listening to Lady Gaga’s ‘Swine’ on ARTPOP and refreshing my Tumblr screen, I saw a quote that said I was part of a generation “born into that ahistorical, antimnemonic blip culture, for whom time has always come ready-cut into digital micro-slices.” There’s more potato in a McFlurry than a small chips.

My friend sent me a link to a tale by Lyotard about an Archipelago or something, but every article I found about it seemed to tell a different story. Trump overdoses on Oedipus in Cyberspace and offers Charlie Gard medical support on Twitter. Richard Prince sells Instagrams of Nightcoregirl for $100,000 and Elon Musk vows to solve South-Australia’s energy problems with a Tesla battery-farm in less than 100 days. The EU is set to launch the Digital Single Market to combat US online dominance; the White House’s Chief Strategist used to be CEO of a World of Warcraft gold-mining company; and Hulk Hogan bankrupts Gawker Media over a sex-tape scandal. AggregrateIQ, Cambridge Analytics and Palantir, psy-ops aimed at voter disengagement. Gamergate, J B Peterson and that sad green frog. LinkedIn becomes a rhizome, and “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Depressed Vegetarians for Corbyn. Bad bad, not so bad.

Text by Alexa Chung