>Way up high, way down low (A different kind of good)_2019

Raspberry Pi, 7” HD LED screen, various cables, kitchen extractor fan, washers, video loop (23:43), mdf, painted wooden beads, LED grow lights
23:43 video loop / 10 x 32 x 55

A multi-functional work that is simultaneously a video artwork and a fan (a metaphor for energy consumption of The Cloud). Shown as part of Life Hacks, BQ, Berlin (Curated by 650mAh) and Staffage, Lehmann + Silva, Porto (Curated by João Vasco Paiva).

Servers/The Cloud are deeply inefficient; 50% of the power used to run a server is used just to cool itself, primarily with giant fans, fans that, I’m sad to say, are predominantly run on dirty coal driven electricity. "The cloud doesn’t have a shadow; it has a footprint.” (Bridle, J.)

“Reduced to personal terms, although charging up a single tablet or smart phone requires a negligible amount of electricity, using either to watch an hour of video weekly consumes annually more electricity (in the remote networks) than two new refrigerators use in a year.” Mark P. Mills, 2013; The Cloud Begins With Coal, An Overview Of The Electricity Used By The Global Digital Ecosystem