Lewis Henderson
b. 1993, London, England

Undercurrents, The Artesian Well, London (UK)_2018
15.12.18 - 16.12.18 (More photographs below)

Install of Undercurrents at The Artesian Well, 2018

Olivia Bax / Hazel Brill / Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis / Bob Eikelboom / Margarita Gluzberg / Rubie Green / Lewis Henderson / Gabriella Hirst / Madeleine Pledge / Hannah Rowan / Lara Smithson / John Strutton

Curated by Lizzy Drury and Neena Percy

Staged within former nightclub The Artesian Well, Undercurrents aims to agitate the expected relationship between artworks and their setting. Placed amongst the venue’s absurd mythological decor, Undercurrents invites the audience to seek out sculpture, film and performance as lines are blurred between props and fine art, high and low culture, as well as private and public space.

An artesian well is formed by naturally pressurised underground water. The artworks demonstrate the desire to capture the metaphorical and physical substance of water; be it part of elusive rituals, in cyclical processes, or as a source and gathering point. Drawing parallels with the intimacy of bodies within a nightclub, the curators intend to break down the conventional distance between the artwork, the space and the viewer.

In creating a temporal mise-en-scène, focus is placed on the Saturday night Private View, resurrecting the club’s former life with talks and performances.