Lewis Henderson
b. 1993, London, England

Tomorrow’s Truth, Nordic Library, Athens, (Greece)_2024

With Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Oliver Amadeus, Silja Beck, Senay Berhe, Elmer Blavarg, Behzad Dehno, Niels Engstrom, Lewis Henderson, Mattias Carlos Hakansson & Astrid Womack.

Curated by Elmer Blavarg & Behzad Dehno.

This show was a permanent site-specific alteration of the Nordic Library in Athens. If you’re lucky you might be able to still go and see some of the works. Everything is somewhat temporary and will eventually be thrown away or discarded but that was part of the concept of the show and in itself was something that Behzad Dehno, who co-curated the show, saw as part of his artistic contribution. A library is a big place if you are working with placing artworks. Each book contains a physical weight of time and potential, it was a great to work with this space and the objects or things within it. It had some really strange things like a wallpapered image of a window with a view of the Acropolis (see image) which we found funny as the Acropolis was only a 15 minuet walk from the Nordic Library.  

Just a little disclaimer now, I am going to write about my works now as a form of documentation, but I’d recommend that you try and visit the library to experience the show, or what’s left of it, if you can. So maybe don’t read on if you want to do that.