>Symbols of the divine (show up in our world initially at the trash stratum)_2023

Double glazing window pane, oil paint, convex 'fish eye' lens, concave mirror, metal fixing, cut IKEA laminated chipboard
136 x 90 x 4 cm 

Symbols of the divine (show up in our world initially at the trash stratum) - the name comes from the Philip K. Dick novel VALIS.

The work and painting is made in response to the serendipity of the found window using it to dictate the boundaries of the painting. This work includes a cut IKEA unit and a reflective element made from the combination of a concave mirror and convex lens, this reflections function is to remind the viewer that they exist and consequently of their place in the room while viewing the work, I thought that seeing the reflection of the room and themselfs in it while looking at the work would act similarly to Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Look - “what occurs when a consciousness if forced to recognize that it exists not only as the center of its own being gazing outward, but also as a mere object in the world of others.”.