Lewis Henderson
b. 1993, London, England

Model Village, The Swiss Church, Covent Garden, London (UK)_2020
27.10.29 - 29.10.20 

Photographs by Neena Percy.

Models by: Hadas Auberbach & Lewis Henderson, Bob Eikelboom, Lauren Godfrey, Rubie Green, James Jessiman, Malatelier, Mitre & Mondays, Nora Silva.

Artwork by: Rebecca Ackroyd, Diana Antohe, Suzy Babington, Kate Bickmore, Benjamin Arthur Brown, Anne Carney Raines, Livia Carpiento, Nikhil Chopra, Rose Creasey, Melissa Eakin, Cultura Plasmic INC, Sophie Goodchild, Chantal Goulder, Yifan Hé, Erin Hughes, Konrad Jakubowsky, Emily Stapleton Jefferis, Sadbh O’Brien, Mona Osma, Kinnari Saraiya, Cyrus Shoff, Abigail Stokes, Will Thompson, Samuel Vilanova, Marianne Walker, Worrier Will (Will Stockwell + Christian Wright), Amy J Wilson.

Curated by Hot Desque.

A village of scaled artworks displayed within artist-made models. Created by 9 practitioners, from artists to architects, these propositions for alternative exhibitions play with perspective, material and illusion. Models and maquettes offer up spaces of potential. Caught in limbo, they exist in physical space, but can also be imagined as more than they appear. Maquettes ask you to alter your perceptions of scale and perspective, to make yourself smaller in order to explore these potential happenings, or enlarge what is in front of you so that you may walk into it just as you are. Each unique model, with its artwork housed within, has its own story to tell. This exhibition was made in response to the physical challenges posed by the current COVID-19 circumstance, creating an alternative exhibition model while collaborating remotely to bring together a wide-ranging community of artists and practitioners. We wish to find ways for re-imagining how we can respond to the current circumstances and challenges, through art-making, collective experience and collaboration.