Raspberry pi, 7” pillow screen, video loop (2:00), marker pen. cables, fixings
34 x 23 x 30 cm (2:00 minute loop)

Shown as part of; If it’s good it should be fun and if it’s not it should be funny, Zona Mista, London (UK)_2018. 
This work 'sampled' a Trojan Horse computer virus that professed to “clean your mac”. The virus has a 'cute' visual of a blushing Mac ‘finder' app ident that is shown via a 7" LED screen connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Oh! Hi everyone. Riley here. Gonna do an unboxing video. Just got this new box. This side says if it’s good it should be fun, brackets, if it’s not it should be funny. Zona Mista. Ilderton Wharf. Rollins Street. London. United Kingdom. Nice good old weight. Using the old, emm, I got this knife for like a Christmas present a while ago. Leatherman. Ahh, wrong tool. Just, emm, take off the sellotape. Here we go. That’s the one. Almost there. So open the box. Let me show you. Okay, alright. Welcome to if it’s good it should be fun and if it’s not funny it should be funny. To assemble the exhibition please place stickers at one’s discretion. And on the other side we’ve got three names; Jack Bodimeade, Rosie Kennedy, Lewis Henderson and then a date, PV, another date and a time. So I’m just gonna have a bit of coffee - drinks coffee - so I’ll just put you back down - just wait a sec’. Now see that, it looks like it’s some kind of inside of a space… Oh I think it’s supposed to be the inside of the show. So these nice white walls - Dulux white probably. Trade grey. Got some stickers in here. So the instructions say to assemble exhibition please place stickers at discretion, so I think I have to stick them inside the space. So I’ll start off clockwise, well actually that’ll be reverse as it’s in the screen, so I’ll say I’ll start off anti-clockwise but it’ll be clockwise. So i’ll do this one first. Ponytail lady doing the v-sign, yeah. Stick that in. What I’ll do maybe is that I’ll stick them and I’ll show you where I stuck them, so you’ll get an eye for it. So this one can go on this little space here. So I’ll just show you that. See that? Not really. There we go. Looks nice doesn’t it? Good height - eyesight. So maybe we should leave you in here so you can see the other pieces as i’m going to put them, ok? I’ll go for that little drawing of a gun. Guns! NRA! Idiots! BAM BAM! So you can come over here. Other way, ohh crinkle. Next we’ll do, I don’t know what this is it’s very dark. That can go on the door maybe? At a nice angel. Yeah it’s just a dark thing. Next we’ll do a brick wall with a line on, actually there is two - must be a theme. I don’t get it. Top corner for this, BAM! So it looks like it’s all coming together nice interior making it all very homely. Next this one looks like - still got two stickers left, four down two to go - we’re going to do this one which looks like the corner of Lisa Simpson. Good. And last one is this little sort of, you can have a look. Don’t know what it is. Pop you here. Oh fuck sake! There’s like loads of stickers so I’m not sure I’m going to bother doing them all. Dunno if you get the drift? So you can imagine all of these going on and then I’ll just do a few more but I’m not doing them all, it’ll take too long. I’ll put you back in the space. Oh we haven’t had this one yet. Oops, dropped it on the floor. It says ‘sort of’ - pause - ‘sort of’. That looks nice there. A bit of colour. I think it’s called teal - aqua - wich is french for water as Alan Partridge says. It’s not. That weird girl again, swearing. Now, maybe I’ll just do the second page because there’s like, twelve pages but I think you get what the sort of idea is. I’ll do a bit of this wall. Have a little look. Lisa again. Nice. I think the floors looking looking quite Grey, so I’m going to some some on the floor. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that. It doesn’t really say… I think I’ll do it for a bit. Just like, a few. So you see the floor is a nice shade of Battleship Grey. I’ll do like a little ‘walk this way’ ‘follow the stickers’. See those? On the floor. I’ll do like, a few more. - eats melon -. Yep, I think I’ll put the last one on and then I think we sort of, you know, I think that more than enough really. I dunno, I put that one on the corner there so it’s like it gives some effect. Something like that. So right, we can now see the box in it’s sort of full glory - unboxed. So if we take a little stroll now. Stroll around it and then we have a little look inside. And, okay there we have it. Err, cheers everyone. Hope to see you on my next video. We don’t know yet what I’m going to be unboxing - shakes head - - shrugs -. Okay thanks. Bye now. Bye. Bye.