VR artwork
8 min VR loop

'Avril' is a six screen VR/video installation. This project takes excerpts from six different films, all seemingly unrelated, connected by each of the filmmakers’ choices to use the Aphex Twin song 'Avril 14th' in each of the film’s soundtrack.

Bringing together; Newness (FILM, 2017), Marie Antoinette (FILM, 2006), Four Lions (FILM, 2010), Sleep Furiously (DOC, 2009), Secret Diary of A Call Girl (TV, 2011, s.4 e.7) & Salad Fingers (TV, e.4 'Cage’, 2004). 

In the VR ‘world’ you are able to walk around within the piece changing both the audio and visual perspective. All the videos play simultaneously; this seems confusing at first however when the track plays you realise they are all synchronised to Aphex Twin’s song 'Avril 14th'.

Made with thanks to @felix_silvestris @instaphex @warprecords