Lewis Henderson                                        

b. 1993, London, England



Foundation, N.E.W. College, Swindon (UK)_2011 - 2012

BA Fine Art Painting, Camberwell University of the Arts, London (UK)_2012 - 2015 


3m Foundation, Santa Marta (Colombia)_2017

PILOTENKÜCHE, Leipzig (Germany)_2014

Current/Upcoming Exhibitions:
> Off-Grid, Compiler as part of The Wrong - New Digital Art BiennaleBanner Repeater/Late at Tate - 6th Dec (Tate Britain) (UK)_2019

Solo Exhibitions:

︎Vevo, Fuck You!, B.A.E.S., London (UK)_2016

Selected Group Exhibitions:

︎Life Hacks, BQ, Berlin (Germany)_2019

︎Undercurrents, The Artesian Well, London (UK)_2018

︎Slap Dash For No Cash, The Old Newington Library, London (UK)_2018

︎Absinthe, James Capper’s Studio, London (UK)_2018

︎If it’s good it should be fun and if it’s not it should be funny, Zona Mista, London (UK)_2018

︎Floored, Camberwell Space, London (UK)_2018

︎Any, more?, Limbo, London (UK)_2017
︎The Unlimited Dream Company, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (UK)_2017/8

︎Good Good, Double Good, Lewisham Art House, London (UK)_2017

︎LA PIÑATERIA, 3M Foundation, Santa Marta (Colombia)_2017

︎Sudor Desconocido, 3M Foundation, Santa Marta (Colombia)_2017

︎A Face Like Yours, APT Gallery, London (UK)_2016

︎(It’s better late than never but) better now than late, Bond House Projects, London (UK)_2016


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